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 The year 2016 promises to be a good year for technology in Africa. 

A Ghanaian total IT Solutions company, Ghana Dot Com (GDC), has established a Bitcoin producing farm adding several hundred Tera hashes per second capacity to the global Bitcoin producing pool. This is the first in Africa and the first crypto coins were produced on 8 February 2016.

The Chairman of GDC, Prof. Nii Quaynor, a Ghanaian Internet Pioneer, observed that "as one of first African computer scientists we have an interest in seeing the adoption of computing sciences in Africa. We pioneered Internet development and will similarly promote Bitcoin development in Africa. Our interest is in the Blockchain technology used in Bitcoin which has numerous other applications beyond crypto currencies.  It's a computer scientists delight to see encryption technologies, hashing, linked lists, trees, proofs and more altogether!"

Internet was introduced to Ghana in 1993 by Network Computer Systems (NCS). GDC is a descendant company of NCS, a next generation IT Solutions company.

GDC following the footsteps of the Internet pioneer company NCS, is determined to pioneer and lead a drive towards adoption of crypto currencies in Africa. With Bitcoin as the most successful crypto currency, GDC considers investment in blockchain technology as strategic for Africa.

The General Manager of GDC, Ms Nancy Dotse said "our approach has been to focus on future technologies and to build communities around the technologies for rapid adoption. We invest in Africa's technology future. NCS pioneered the Internet in Africa and GDC seeks to pioneer Bitcoin in Africa. GDC will announce its Crypto currency products soon" 

Further, GDC further plans to collaborate with academic institutions to build technical capacity in developing Blockchain applications locally 

About Ghana Dot Com

Ghana Dot Com Ltd, a successor company of NCS, was established in 2007 as an IT Software company providing ICANN Accredited Domain Name Registrar services, Hosting, Web and e-Commerce Developer tools and other applications development for web and mobile devices. GDC is certified as an aggregator to interconnect to GHIPSS Internet payment gateway to enable local bank cards to be accepted for online payments. The GDC eShika product reduces the barrier to starting an online store locally.  

About Network Computer Systems 

The Internet was introduced to Ghana and other African countries by the pioneering company Network Computer Systems (NCS) in 1993. Internet has since been adopted in all African countries. 

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Ghana Dot Com is a descendant company of Network Computer systems; a company established since 1988, Network Computer Systems has been a leader in West Africa and the pioneer of internet service in the sub-region. read more..

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