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GDC has unique expertise in digital and cryptographic currencies and technologies. Bitcoin is the most successful global crypto currency that make peer to peer digital payments possible. In particular, GDC, has established a Bitcoin producing farm, the first in Africa, and participate in adding transactions into its distributed ledger called Blockchain at a rate of several hundred tera hashes per second. 

The Blockchain is an implementation of a distributed ledger technology where transactions are securely recorded and distributed to all interested parties worldwide. Once a block consisting of a collection of transactions is added, it is extremely difficult to change or remove. 

Today, several top financial institutions and a growing number of firms across industries are using distributed ledger technology - Blockchain, as a secure yet transparent way to digitally track the ownership of assets, speed up transactions, cut costs and reduce fraud. Others see it as an opportunity to use Blockchain to track the movement of assets or track inventory of precious goods.  For some, it is an effective way to electronically initiate and enforce contracts.

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Ghana Dot Com is a descendant company of Network Computer systems; a company established since 1988, Network Computer Systems has been a leader in West Africa and the pioneer of internet service in the sub-region. read more..

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