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The Beginner’s Guide to Africoinx Exchange: Buy/Sell Cryptocurrency Featured



To register for an account on AfricoinX Cryptocurrency Exchange, use the link below.

You will be taken this page after clicking on the link above


Join Africoinx 

Click on the sign up button and fill out all your information. Click Sign Up button and check and click on the confirmation e-mail sent to you.



 Account Verification

Click on Submit on the Verify Account section. Fill all the fields, provide an Identity and Proof of Residence and click on Update ID Document.



Click on Set on the Phone Number section, enter your phone using the format given – without first zero. Click on Send Code. Enter the 6-digit code sent via sms and click Save.

 Two Factor

You can also enable Two-Factor Authentication (optional).



Go to your Africoinx account and go to Funds


Either copy the BTC address provided or scan the QR code provided into the recipient box of your BTC wallet. Send your BTC to the exchange. It requires minimum of 3 confirmations to show up in your account.

 Bitcoin Deposit


On the Funds page click on Deposit on the Ghana Cedi section.

 Deposit Fiat

Add the source of funds number, the amount and click Submit.

In your deposit history a transaction is generated. Make a transfer to the number provided on the page and use the identification number/transaction id as reference code.

 Deposit via Mobile Money



Once the incoming Bitcoin hits your Africoinx account, you are now ready to start trading! Go to the Trade tab.

BTC Trade

And you should see the screen below. Don’t worry about all those numbers and graphs! They may seem very over whelming but for the purposes of this guide we will be ignoring them.

 Trade terminal

Selling BTC

Go to the Trade tab and the Sell BTC section.

Set your desired price for 1 Coin.

Set your desired amount (number of coins of your BTC balance).

Click Sell BTC.

 Sell Bitcoin

CONGRATULATIONS you now know how to purchase Bitcoin from Africoinx.

Your order will be listed on exchange till there is a much.

Buying BTC

Go to the Trade tab and the Buy BTC section.

Set your desired price for 1 Coin.

Set your required amount (number of coins of your BTC balance).

Click Buy BTC.

Your order will be listed on the exchange till there is a much.

 Buy Bitcoin



On the Funds page, click on Withdraw on the CURRENCY being withdrawn.

Fill the appropriate fields and submit to withdrawal BTC to external wallet and Ghana Cedi to your mobile money account.

 Withdraw Funds


All exchange charges can be found on


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