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About E-shika Payment Gateway

The e-shika payment gateway, also known as the e-cash processor or debit card processor, connects the merchant’s website and shopping cart, and the issuing bank (cardholder’s bank).

The e-shika payment gateway handles all communication between these entities. By handling the two key parts of debit card processing, authorization and payment settlement, the e-shika payment gateway is the key link in an online transaction.

During authorization, debit card information from the merchant’s website is sent to the e-shika payment gateway by the shopping cart, which verifies the card information and then sends a request to the cardholder’s bank for the card to be charged. If the card information is valid and the customer’s funds is sufficient, then the debit card company sends an approval to the e-shika payment gateway, which in turn communicates with the shopping cart and confirms the authorization for the purchase. The e-hika payment gateway then initiates a payment settlement (funds transfer) to allow the transfer of funds from the customer’s debit card account to the merchant’s bank account through Ghana Dot com.

The e-shika payment processor integrates readily with several industry standard e-commerce shopping carts as well as offer custom integration options. The solution is built to allow customers to pay online merchants using their native e-shika debits payment cards. The system runs on Secure Socket Layer protocol (SSL) using https.

The principal local cedi denominated payment card, an e-cash instrument, is branded as e-shika and positioned as a loyalty debit card offered to any of our customers who sign up at the www.sahara.net sale site. It's an online payment card with all the features of international credit cards. The e-shika card is recognized in the entire major online shopping carts.

Merchants  Benefits

Most businesses seek online payment to increase purchases by accepting online cards. In addition to expanding the payment options available to customers, certain inherent risks faced by businesses can be reduced by using the e-shika online debit payment processor.

  • Free online shop for merchant including training. (Does not include Domain Name and Hosting)
  • Each of our over 10,000 eshika card holders and counting will be made aware of the merchant online shop registered with Ghana Dot com.
  • Merchant is paid by default on daily basis or by an agreed timely fashion.
    • Merchant is required to register their bank account with Ghana dot com or can get a merchant bank account from our participating banks.
    • Sign-up fee is free
    • Transaction processor fee is 2 %
    • Merchant gets portal accounts to monitor online transactions.
    • Merchant gets instant email notifications on online transactions.

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