Ghana Dot Com Introduces , Blockchain Academy

GDC, as a technology leader with the specialized knowledge of Blockchain, proposes a Blockchain Academy to introduce participants to the technology and how to construct meaningful Blockchain based solutions

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Products and Services


Digital Archiving

The ncsCloud Archiver allows users to archive their documents in the cloud and their information would be...

Network Operation

In today’s world where everything is IT-enable, large corporations work seamlessly using client–server model...

Web Services

As an ICANN accredited registrar, Ghana Dot Com (GDC) registers domain names in the generic TLDs...

System Integration

We offers expert information technology systems integration services for maximizing system ...


Ghana.Com provides network diagnostics services to determine the health of your network...

Internet Services

Provide managed Internet bandwidth services with public IPv4 /24 addresses and a plan for migration to IPv6 ...

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Ghana Dot Com is a descendant company of Network Computer systems; a company established since 1988, Network Computer Systems has been a leader in West Africa and the pioneer of internet service in the sub-region. read more..

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